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What is Mindbrand?

Mindbrand is the future of branding! We take a uniquely creative and direct approach to building successful brands. Our motto: Branding over Marketing! We believe (well, have proven) that majority of marketing efforts made by small businesses result in fractional results with high costs. This is all due to a lack of a strong recognizable and consistent brand image. We are the go-to people when you want to improve your business! Unlike traditional brand developers and

marketing consultants, the team at Mindbrand immerses themselves into your business, taking a vested

interest, and sparks you on your journey towards success. 


Regardless of what business you are in, whether it be retail, food service, trade, or small business,

unless you have a strong image and customer retention strategy, you may be missing fantastic

growth opportunities.


We are not like the marketing-in-a-can companies you are use to seeing on the web. We are real

people dedicated to designing unique solutions for your individual needs.


Aside from implementing unique strategies and modern trends, we also utilize a psychological approach to achieve success, for both business and personal achievements. We believe that success starts from within and flows outward!


Our clients constantly tell us how grateful they are of how Mindbrand greatly helped them in their success!

Setting a "greener" example for business practices!

Since its inception, Mindbrand has focused on utilizing digital tech for all of our business functions, reducing any and all paper and waste. In fact, we have one file cabinet that has less than a quarter of one draw being used with important documents. Recycling is mandatory in our office, and as we move forward in the upcoming months, we plan to move to a pure solar power system for our  computers and peripherals. But it doesn't end there; in 2017 we began an organic produce garden and we plan to share the fruits (and vegetables) of this effort with our staff, clients, and community food kitchens.

We are a team of experienced, result-driven business specialists and designers that are dedicated to delivering the very best to our clients. 


Based in Jersey City, New Jersey, the team at Mindbrand are focused on building stronger communities, not only in our home town, but in the neighborhoods of our clients as well. We achieve this through the valued relationships that we create with our clients, sharing the same goals toward a greater business collective.

Michael Cicchine

Founder/Brand Specialist

The mind behind the brand.

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