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Website Design

Website Design

Websites that work!  Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a sales team to work 24/7 while you paid them next-to-nothing for doing so?  Heck yeah!  But good luck finding someone that would want to work for you... Fortunatly for you,  you can have a website designed by us that not only looks amazing, but works hard to get new visitors to your site and customers to your business!  If you're looking for just a pretty web page, call someone else. If you are ready to have a powerful web presence that works diligently for you, call us!

2 ways to rock the web:

We build you an amazing website, you pay us the full cost of the design, we turn the site over to you, you host and manage it. It's that simple!

We build you an amazing website, we load it with a bunch of features like standard SEO, hosting, domain email set-up, custom favicon, monthly site updates, and we host and manage it. And the best part is that you pay us a small fraction-of-a-fraction of monthly fee. 

The power is yours!  With a Powered by Mindbrand website, you never have to worry about all the know-how of developing a website and making it perform for you. We do it all for you! We keep your website updated and make sure that it is working for you around the clock. It's like having a website and your own personal IT guy for pennies! 


Check out all the awesome features that you get: 

Standard SEO  We research top keywords that are vital to searches and use them in your content, as well as optimize metadata such as page titles, site and page descriptions, and site and individual page keywords.

Mobile Optimized  Not only will your website look fantastic on a desktop screen, but it will look just as awesome on a mobile device without needing to zoom in to view everything. Complete with quick action buttons such as  call, email, and maps (directions). 

Domain Name  Every website needs a domain name (a.k.a. web address) to be on the web. We will create and host a domain name of your choosing. Or, if you already own one, we will connect it to your new website.

Custom Favicon  Look up at the left of the web address in the address bar (desktop only)... See that little logo that identifies this website next to the address? That's it! A favicon makes your website look more professional, especially when the site is bookmarked, favorited, and "save to home screen" option on mobile devices.

Domain Email  We set up a personalized email dashboard, complete with your logo, that includes up to 10 domain email accounts. We also link these accounts to your new website.

(example: "")

Hosting  We keep your awesome website alive and kicking on the net.

Site Updates  Change a service or product? Have a blog? Maybe  a new special promotion for the month? We've got you covered! We will update the site twice a month for you (upgradeable). Just send us the updates and we will have them up in no time. 

24/7 Support  If there is ever an issue with your website (highly unlikely), we will be there to fix it ASAP! We are perfectionists who stand behind our work so you can email, call or even text us when you need support. (However, please avoid drunk-dialing at 3am... that never turns out well for anyone.)

Have Questions?  Check out our FAQ page!

Pricing that breaks the internet, not the piggy bank!

Starting at $125/month

Contact us for pricing.

*Pricing does not reflect image royalty fees from external website purchases per customer request.*

Already have a website, but still want some of these kick-ass features?  No problem!  We offer the awesome features listed above and more a-la-carte! Just give us a call and let us know how we can make your current website better.

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