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Day 1 of Mindbrand's "Wrong Way Week" - Brand Image

Our first topic in our "Wrong Way Week" series is Brand Image:

As a small business, you want to give an impression to consumers that you are a bigger, more established company than you probably are (most small businesses operate out of homes, and that's OK!). A more prominent brand image is the first step in building a sense of trust with prospective customers.


- Creating a brand image that makes you look like a mega-corporation, yet you are operating at a 3 person capacity. "If You are going to talk-the-talk, you have to be able to walk-the-walk!"


Create a strong and established brand image while staying modest. Focus on being unique from your competitors and growth will follow. Consumers will be attracted to your services if you stand out with what you offer and how you present yourself as opposed to trying to completely be something that you are not quite yet.

Keep following this week on ways to improve your overall brand image.

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