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5 Ways To Grow Your Business Through Word-of-Mouth!

Have you ever raved about the food at your favorite restaurant? Or have you called a friend about a sale at a store you shop at? Of course you have! This is called ‘word-of-mouth’, and businesses love it when you do it because they are getting free marketing from you.

You can harness this powerful growth tool as well, and theres no secret formula or magic behind it. All it takes is a little effort and a zero to tiny budget. Here are 4 ways to promote word-of-mouth for your business:

1.) Provide exceptional service and products! - Treat your customers with value while giving them value. If they feel like they are just “buy and bye”, then they will not feel compelled to talk about you and your business (if they do, it may not be anything positive). Give them service to remember and they will tell everyone about their experience! Also be sure that your product has quality and is not something that would fall apart in a week... this will not go well for your business’ reputation.

2.) Engage with your followers! - Interact with your followers on your social media channels. Engage with them on an individual level when you can, and reward them with special offers.

3.) Ask and you shall receive! - Don’t be afraid to ask your customers and your social followers to spread the word about your business. You will be surprised how many of your customers and followers will be more than happy to support your business.

4.) Offer incentives! - Just like #3, but heres where you may be spending a little budget because you are offering some sort of incentive. Incentives could consist of discounts on their next purchase (be sure to track where referrals are coming from), a free offer or small gift, or monetary incentive like a gift card.

5.) Create a buzz! - Stand out whenever you can. Do something within your community that people will notice. Also try to get an article in the local newspaper. There are many reporters looking for local stories to publish daily. Check out!

Any one of these methods of promoting word-of-mouth will give your business a boost in brand recognition and sales. Utilizing all of these methods will really show a positive impact on your business! Just remember that you want to leave a positive impression and maintain it to have positive results. The slightest negative experience can have more of an impact, so be careful, be honest, and give the best to your customers!

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