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Tips To Go Green (And Save Green) In Your Business - Earth Day 2014

Our Earth is the most beautiful planet in the known universe. Our little blue and green ball harbors life as we know it. Among the life on Earth is humans, a.k.a. consumers, a.k.a. the messiest and wasteful creatures alive!

Therefore, we celebrate our Earth and try our best to not be so wasteful one day a year. But you and I are better than that - we can be better to our Earth 365 days a year by making a few small changes! Below are some small changes that can make a big difference.

COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE! - We are slaves to our morning coffee! We spend an average of $5 a day on it (do the math, and try not to cry). Instead of buying coffee, make it! Get yourself a really cool mug that defines you, and a coffee pot. Your favorite coffee shop sells their coffees for home brewing so you can still enjoy what you like.

But if insist on going to your favorite coffee shop and paying per cup, then consider buying one of their fancy on-the-go cups and bring it on every visit. They will make your coffee in the fancy to-go cup instead.

MAIL Vs. EMAIL - Are you still sending letters and printed materials to your customers? Believe it or not, we live in the space age of 2014 and there are ways of sending messages with something called email (holy cow!). Save paper and expensive printer ink, and take advantage of spreading your message via email, social media, etc. Also, take advantage of using digital forms and documents instead of printing them.

PLANTS, EVERYWHERE! - If there were no plants on Earth, there wouldn't be any oxygen for us to breathe. Why not put a few of these fresh air factories in our offices? Not only do they help make the air smell good, they also look great. And the best part is maintenance is simple, just add water!

PARK IT, WALK IT, BIKE IT! - If your place of business is relatively local, why do you need to drive? Nothing says “full of themselves” more than someone who drives to their office that is 5 minutes away. Avoid the traffic, the lack of parking, and the rising gas prices, and use your two legs to walk or pedal your way there.

These simple changes will not only do good for our mother Earth, they will also save you some cash and improve your health: the two things want every day for a better life!

Do your part and have a Happy Earth Day 2014!

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