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Day 3 of Mindbrand's "Wrong Way Week" - Relationship Marketing

Day 3 of Mindbrand's "Wrong Way Week" is about Relationship Marketing:

Relationship Marketing is a relatively new term used in today's business, but it is one of the most powerful concepts in growing your small business, especially with the popularity of social media and other forms of modern communication methods.


- Aggressively selling your product or service to a potential customer/client

- Having a "I got your money now get lost" mentality


Take time to understand your prospect's needs and focus on helping them find a solution. Even if your business can't help them, direct them to one that can (sounds counter-productive but will pay off later). This type of service will gain trust, respect, and an overall positive attraction to your business. When you leave a "wow" impression on someone, they will be compelled to talk about it with others... and this is the magic of Relationship Marketing! It builds word-of-mouth advertising (the best kind, and free!) and it will automatically install a level of trust in the prospects gained from customer recommendations.

People don't like to be pressured to buy something, and even if you were successful with pressuring them, the odds are that they will not return or recommend your business to anyone.

When you sell a product or service, continue the relationship by following up with the customer (with an email, call, etc) and asking if they were satisfied, invite them to events that you may be hosting, or even just thanking them, as long as you are not selling a product when doing so, theres a time for that as the relationship grows.

The psychology behind Relationship Marketing is the basic rules of attraction!

Stay tuned this week for more "Wrong Way Week" tips!

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