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How To Make Your YouTube Posts More Effective With Thumbnails!

As a business owner, you most likely have a Facebook page for your business (unless you are marketing to a demographic of, well.... no one!). And if you are really up to speed with the times, then you should also have a YouTube channel as well. If not then let me briefly explain some reasons why:

- YouTube has more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month

- If your video reaches 100,000 views, you begin collecting revenue (bonus!)

- Since Facebook “monetized”, posts on your Facebook business page that contain pics or videos have a greater organic reach than non-media posts

- Posting video blogs, informational videos, etc. will poise you as an authority in your field, possibly a YouTube celebrity (hey, it made Justin Bieber a star!)

So now that you know why having a YouTube channel is just as important as your Facebook page, you need to make our videos really stand out... And this is done with thumbnails! A thumbnail can be added straight to the YouTube post, or on the link posted on Facebook.

Have you ever posted a video on your personal Facebook page and noticed that the image on the post was a freeze frame from the early seconds of the video? Often, those images make the video seem unrelated or not as appealing to the title (although some purposely give great titles to horrible videos just so people would click and view them).

Adding a thumbnail will increase the overall appeal of your videos. A great still frame from deep within the video with a title, or a logo or picture of you (if you are the spotlight of the video) with a title will stand out and give credibility to what the viewer is about to watch. Be creative and do not mislead your viewers with your titles and thumbnails. Remember, YouTube is another extension of your brand. How you display yourself there will be perceived through all your social channels as well.

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