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Day 2 of Mindbrand's "Wrong Way Week" - Social Media

Day 2 of Mindbrand's "Wrong Way Week" is about Social Media:

Many of you are probably saying right now, "Oh, social media, I know how to use it for my business!", because we use it in our everyday lives... But you most likely are not utilizing social media properly or to its full potential! In fact, we'll bet you $20 that you aren't (make checks payable to: Mindbrand llc)... Just kidding, keep your money but cash in on today's advice.


- Having a "post anything, anytime" strategy

- Posting content for your own interests and not for your followers

- Posts are lifeless or "too professional"


Develop a structured posting strategy. Select certain times to post particular content. Many marketing companies advise posting during "peak-times", but these times may not be perfect for you. Create a few "interactive" posts and see when your followers are engaging.

Your content should be reflective on your followers needs and interests, not your own. After all, they started following you because you may have something that they want, keep them interested.

Bring personality to your posts by adding a little humor, sarcasm, etc.. Talk to your followers as if you are having a pleasant conversation with them. Keep in mind to never cross a boundary; it takes time to build a good relationship but it takes one mistake to gain a bad reputation

Stay tuned this week for more "Wrong Way Week" tips!

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