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3 Reasons Why Writing A Blog Is The Smartest Thing You Can Do For Your Business!

Blogging has become a popular word in modern vocabulary, yet many businesses do not take the time to blog on their sites. Even worse, most of the businesses that do, use blogging incorrectly. Here are 3 reasons why you should be blogging, and tips on the best way to blog.

1.) Have you ever heard "they key to a great website is content!"? Well, what do you think that great content consists of, fancy 'click here' buttons? Nope, its mostly your blogs! Google changed how it searches and now scans the web for relative 'content' (theres that word again) and it will find a rich abundance of 'content' relative to your business in you blog!

2.) Do you say to yourself "I'm awesome"? Would you like others to think and say the same about you? Writing a blog positions you as an authority at what you do. Write valuable content (there it is again!) and people will know where to go for trusted info, as well as refer others to go to the same source for their info. "Hey that person knows a lot about that!"

3.) Not only will your business grow through search-ability and word-of-mouth, as explained in reasons 1 & 2, but readers of your blog posts will also comment on them, giving you an opportunity to engage with them. Engaging will also keep your mind sharp about your business!

So here is the most important tip about blogging: DO NOT BLOG ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS OR ITS SERVICES, OR TRY TO MAKE A SALE THROUGH A BLOG!!! Your website should already have an 'about us' and 'services' page. If it doesn't, then why the heck do you even have a website?

Write about useful and relevant information about what your business does. Include words that connect with the services you offer.

For example (and we are breaking the rule here a bit to show you this): Mindbrand offers content creation as a service... the word 'content' has appeared in this post now 7 times...

A Google search will pick up on that when a potential client is searching for that service.

Happy Blogging!

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